Welcome to the 2020 Season of STEP Business Women Network!  It is exciting to inspire you as women continue to lead front-line movements to shape the future. The best aspect of our network is the people that hold together the foundation. We work with a diverse group of woman who is passionate about the work they do and eager to share their experience of entrepreneurship with you. It is such a time as this when a woman continues making a true mark in their community. STEP Business Women Network provides young entrepreneurs and seasoned entrepreneurs the opportunity to get to know each other. Through workshops, annual conferences and retreats, women of S.T.E.P. will become the future leaders of women owned business nationwide. Relationship building and integrity is what makes S.T.E.P. referable. Our goal is to provide a platform for rising women leaders from all walks of life. 

Meet our 

National Committee

Dorinda Henry 
Sea-bring, FL

Marketing Director

Aishia Griffin
Greensboroug, NC
Chasity Peterson 

Dothan, AL

Public Relations

Chief Financial

Charidy Dorame
Stacey Luckey

Sanford, FL

Phoenix, AZ

Network Facilitator

Lifestyle Coach

Rodreshia Russaw